How it works

Each participating school will have one vote in each category they are taking part in this year. They will be asked to rank the four shortlisted books in order of preference, based on their children’s views. 

Each ranking position has an allocated score. These will be tallied across all the votes, with the book achieving the highest overall score being crowned the winner of the Spark! Book Awards.  

As each school is operating in a slightly different way we ask you to organise your own vote and then report the preferences back to us. This also ensures that every school has an equal voice in our awards, regardless of their size. 

Where to vote

Our main Spark! school contacts will be sent the links to each of the voting forms, once voting opens.

If you don't know who this is or need the links to be circulated again then please get in touch. We will also send further voting reminders (including the links) as we approach the deadline. 

When to vote

Voting takes place in the summer term and we will confirm the dates as soon as possible. The winners will be revealed at our award ceremony.

"The children have been able to access real top quality children's writing appropriate to their age groups, from authors who deserve to be on the best seller lists but aren't always... The children really enjoy being asked what they honestly think about the books, and being able to have a proper vote really engages them. Our Big Vote for Y2-Y6 definitely created a real buzz around books and reading and made all of the children feel involved. Normally I work in KS2 but the 3-5 picture books meant I could go into our youngest classes and read to them too, their responses were lovely, it's been a highlight of my year."