Guest Category

We're delighted to annouce that our new guest category for 2023-24 is Graphic Novels for Primary Aged Pupils.

Author visit schedule

Author visit schedule

The shortlist

Peanut, Butter and Crackers cover
Drawn to Change the World cover
Luna and the Treasure of Tlaloc cover

The longlisted books

Batpig: Too Pig to Fail cover
Meesh the Bad Demon cover
Gunhild cover
Barb  the Brave and the Shadow Army cover
Max and Chaffy cover
Finding My Voice cover
Bumble and Snug and the Shy Ghost cover
Mexikid cover

Meet the panel

Graphic novel panel
Richard Ruddick

Guest Panel Chair: Richard Ruddick

Richard Ruddick is a year 6 teacher and reading lead at Avenue Junior School in Norwich. He is passionate about helping pupils develop a love of reading and is especially keen on using graphic novels to do this. 

Previous winners and runners up

You can find the previous winners and other shortlisted books below. For all other categories visit our past winners page

2022-23: Poety by a single or pair of authors

2022-23: Winner

Things That Should Be in a Poem cover

2022-23: Runner up

John Agard's Windrush Child cover

2022-23: Runner up

Let's Chase Stars Together cover

2022-23: Runner up

Smile Out Loud cover

2021-22: Picture fiction for ages 6-11

2021-22: Winner

The Invisible cover

2021-22: Runner up

My Beautiful Voice cover

2021-22: Runner up

Leo and the Gorgons Curse cover

2021-22: Runner up

The Plesiosaur's Neck cover