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2022-23 was our biggest year yet:






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and we're hoping to do even more this year!

We are inviting publishers to make a submission to the 2022-23 Spark! School Book Award in any or all of our five award categories:

Early Readers
Ages 7+
Ages 9+
Ages 11+
Guest: Graphic Novels

Watch this short video for full instructions on making your submission and our eligibility criteria, or read the information below. We can't wait to see, and read, the books you submit!

How to make a submission

Step 1: Complete our online submission form, identifying the titles you are submitting. Please complete these separately for each imprint.

Step 2: Send five copies of your proposed book(s) in physical form to: 

Spark! Book Awards, 

c/o Coombe Hill Junior School, 

Coombe Lane West, 

New Malden, 

Kingston upon Thames, 

KT2 7DD.   

Step 3: Send an electronic version of the books (in PDF format) to

The physical and electronic copies of the books will be used by our panel for shortlisting purposes only. At the end of the process the physical copies will be left with panel members for use in their schools and electronic copies deleted. 

Titles must be received by 12 October 2023 and we reserve the right to move submissions into an alternative category, if we feel it is more appropriate

Eligibility (main age categories)

Eligibility (guest graphic novel category only)

"It has made so many of them [the children] respond to books in a way that I haven't seen before from creating websites to writing their very own books. Many of those children who had part of a series within their shortlist have also asked to have more books from that series bought in. They have absolutely LOVED having new books that are inspiring and interesting to read rather than the normal diet they would self-choose, and it helped the teachers feel more confident in exploring new authors."


Last year we helped to provide over 6,200 copies of the shortlisted books to local schools and pupils, with undoubtedly more being organised later and through other channels. Our shortlisting criteria is set our on our awards page

Authors/illustrators will be invited to engage with our schools during the period January to May, through pre-recorded messages and must attend an online curated visit to groups of schools. We also hope they will wish to be involved in terms of reaching a wider audience and the ensuing positive publicity for each shortlisted book, via social media. There is the potential for further visits and school bookings, where possible.

The winners will be chosen by the children of participating schools from a shortlist selected by our teachers, booksellers, librarians and other professionals working with children in our schools. All shortlisted authors will also be invited to our award ceremony when the winners will be announced, alongside the pupils who have won the competitions for the best and most creative responses to the shortlisted books. A special trophy will be awarded to each winner.

Our plan is that the process will raise awareness and broaden understanding amongst teachers, pupils and families of the great number of new and exciting books that are published each year for children and we hope you want to be involved.