Poetry Page

A massive thank you to everyone who entered our poetry competition this year. We hope you had as much fun writing your brilliant poems as we did reading them!

Congratulations to our winners, whose poems can be read below.

Can You See the Stars Tonight?

Theodora, Barnes Primary School

Can you see the stars tonight?

It’s a wonderful bright, sight

Look! A twinkling shooting star

Watch as it whooshes so far.


I can see a shiny crescent moon,

Say goodbye, it will be gone soon.

Next will come the flaming sun,

Full of adventure, joy and fun!


Up, up, up we go, in to space

A magical, mystical place!

I spot the red, dusty planet Mars

Hiding in between the crystal stars.


It’s been the most spectacular, amazing night!

So, can YOU see the stars tonight?

Thy Tyger

Juliet, Sherwell Valley Primary School

Tiger, tiger roaring tiger Earthy scent piercing eyes, Look of great determination

He, he is thy tiger.

Tiger, tiger O beautiful tiger

Orange fur, deep pur, Whiskers like thin needles

You, you are thy tiger.

Tiger, tiger gentle tiger

Captivated by your fearsome looks Calm and loving looking for you

There, there is thy tiger.

Tiger, tiger sneaky tiger

Padded paws, heavy breath Vibrant colours through the forest

Tyger, you are thy tiger.

Break Time

Lily, Gosforth East Middle School

Whispering, Chattering

Running laughing kicking

Shouting crunching

Too loud too loud too loud

Squeezing through corridors

Wave after wave of people

Rushing, crushing, pushing

Too light too bright too tight

I’m lost.

Need to get out 

Of the roaring raging storm of people

Freezing-hot forest fire

Suffocating black hole of breaktime

To the library

All is quiet


Like the soft melody of rain

Dancing in a faraway forest 

And I can fly away

On the silver wings

Away from the bubbling boiling volcano of school

And into 

The infinite possibilities

Of imagination.

Away with Words

Eloise, Torquay Girls’ Grammar School

Angels fly across the sky but can never fly like books

Wizards of the sky with their leather as wings,

And their tiny gold titles like halos

Yearning for an enthusiastic reader to pluck them from the sky

Waiting for a person like me.

Icons in words and protagonists on paper

Teachings of ancient leaders

Heroes and villains tied in the perfect paper twist

Where writers get their ideas from, I will never know,

Orchestrating a choir of crickets is easier than writing a compelling book

Radiant settings in dramatic lights of despair or happiness

Deep characters drawn by love, revenge or curiosity

Stunning stories will always take you away with words