Win a Spark! trophy of your own

Plus a £30 book token to buy the books you want to read. You'll even have your name announced at our online winner's ceremony and have you work shown.

What do you need to do?

Choose your favourite book in a category and create your own unique response. Entries will be by age:

  • 3-5 year olds

  • 6-7 year olds

  • 8-9 year olds

  • 10-11 year olds

There will be three types of entries for each age category - but be as creative as you like to capture your response to the book!


You could write:

  • A new ‘blurb’ to publish on the book cover

  • The opening chapter of a sequel

  • A diary as one of the characters

  • A postcard to send to a friend, explaining why you like this book

  • A new adventure for one of the characters

  • A play script for an exciting part of the story

  • A TV interview with characters from the book

  • An advert to tell more pupils in school to read your favourite book

  • A poem inspired by the book or its themes

  • ...Or another idea of your own

Multi-Media (using your IT or graphic skills)

You could:

  • Make a short film advertising the book or even acting out your favourite scene

  • Create your own blog, vlog or website - as yourself or a character

  • Design a poster that the authors might use to sell the book

  • Turn your story into a graphic novel or photostory

  • Compose a piece of music to be used as a soundtrack for the book

  • Learn to sign part of your book and film yourself (and maybe your friends!)

  • ...Or another idea of your own - use your IT skills to make a unique response!


You could:

  • Create a significant object from the book in any media you like - clay, plasticine, junk modelling...

  • Produce a storyboard or picture of your favourite part of the story

  • Recreate an illustration using your crafting skills - sewing, crochet, collage...

  • Create a story box or small world for one of the places in your book

  • ...Or another idea of your own - get creative!

All entries must be received by Friday 10 June 2022. Multimedia entries should be submitted via a link or attached file (clearly labelled). 3D artwork should be photographed for submission.

Please send your competition entries to us at, with a completed competition entry form attached to the email.

What can you and your school win?

There are prizes for the best ones in each category as well as a host of smaller prizes for our runners up.

Winners’ work will be shown or read during our online award ceremony on 30 June 2022 and may be hosted on our website and our social media accounts.

And your school could win £100 of books for their library with the best all-round response from any age group - as well as a certificate for your school reception area proudly announcing your school to be The Spark! School of the Year for 2021-22.